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peter schneider
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Peter was born in Berlin, Germany. He is a professional underwater cameraman and PADI diving instructor. Before he settled down in French Polynesia in 2001, he worked more than ten years for German television. - It was always my dream to combine the two big passions of my life, diving and making films! What is comes first? That is a good question! For me diving is a kind of meditation, weightless drifting into a world, where you just can be a visitor for a limited time, but wish to stay for forever. Taking underwater pictures is also a kind of hunting. You try to foresee what the animal will do next. Learn to understand their behavior and finding ways to approach without scaring them away. You start to communicate and find yourself to thank them for a wonderful pose. Yes, it might sound a bit crazy to you, but that is how it is, I love what I am doing and I am grateful to have the privilege to do what I do.

rachel campergue
The wonders of nature always fascinated me.
I dropped my fins 14 years ago in French Polynesia. In an atoll known for its unbelievable underwater fauna: Rangiroa.
My big passion for the life in the oceans, here, it became greater than ever.
Accompanied by my camera I am diving day after day, with sharks , manta rays, dolphins and all the other inhabitants of our reefs. By observing their behaviour, I started to understand, like us, they have their own personalities. Many of them have a very specific temper and even moods.
We are no scientists. When we are underwater, we do not count, tag or gather any data to build statistics. Our approach is different, based on respect and acceptance. An encounter of two different species, sharing the same foundation, healthy oceans. Our cameras are only witnesses. Catching a moment in time, in a very special environment, in their environment. They deserve to keep it preserved. The underwater world is their world. We are the guests. Let us put apart our assumption of human supremacy and start learning humility. For me, ethics matters more than to get the scoop.
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underwatercam offers high quality high definition underwater stock footage We are able to produce video footage on demand, as we are living on location. Please visit our video archive to see a selection of our video clips. Footage of dolphins, sharks, manta rays, turtles and schools of tropical fish in many different situations.
You will find shark footage, manta ray footage and dolphin footage beyond the ordinary.
Mating manta rays ( including the coopulation, never filmed before in wildlife) , a shark attack showing the intelligence of a silvertrip shark And much more, ....take a look!

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Our portfolio at NATURE FOOTAGE
Our best stock footage is also available for direct download at nature footage
Humpback whales, dolphins, great white sharks, silvertip sharks, grey reef sharks, lemon sharks, caribbean reef sharks, nurse sharks, blacktip sharks, blue sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, schooling fish, tropical fish and human- animal interaction, divers and freedivers ...and much more

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Films from:
French Polynesia: Tahiti, Rangiroa, Moorea, Fakarava
Bahamas: Sharkschool with Erich Ritter
Micronesia: Yap - Manta Ray Bay Hotel
Micronesia: Palau - Neco Marine
Indonesia: Liveaboards: with the Pindito and the Amira in Komodo and Raja Ampat.
Freediving in Bali with Apneista
East Timor: Dive Timor Lorosae
Portugal: Azores
Mexico: Guadalupe and San Benito
...and more

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We are providing free underwater video footage for environmental organisations. Please send us a mesage and ask if you qualify for it!

You also find more of our footage and royalty free stock footage on You Tube
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The entire 52 minutes film can now be watched online, or downloded to hardd rive.
Available in English or in the French Original Versions.
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